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Yoga & Cyber

Yoga & Cyber – they are both about connection

Yoga is about connecting to one’s inner world; Cyber is about connecting to one’s outer world

Yoga is about contentment and containment; Cyber is about entertainment and distraction.

Why do people walk the beach, the park or elsewhere in the great outdoors and still feel the need to be plugged in, switched on, and attached to their mobile device?   Surely they miss the very essence of being outdoors.

Where is your importance that you cannot be alone in company with yourself for a while?

Treat yourself to a cyber free day, and find out who you are. Feel the world at your feet, look up and see what is around you, listen to your surroundings.  Allow yourself to be part of this earth, that you may feel your own energy, and celebrate your aliveness.

What a marvellous New Year Resolution for yourself.

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