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the Yoga of Travel

During recent adventures in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador and Easter Island; many thoughts came to mind particularly the usefulness of Yoga whilst travelling.

Here are some such thoughts.

  • To keep fit during long haul flights
  • Use of relaxation techniques to induce rest on said flights
  • Deep forward bends, to search for stray items under airline seats
  • Breath techniques to alleviate anxiety when riding air pockets and rolling seas
  • Relaxation techniques for inducing sleep at strange times in strange beds
  • The ability to stretch and move in confined spaces
  • A light practice to help reset body rhythms and systems
  • Strength of core and legs to sustain squatting positions – thus avoiding contact with undesirable toilet seats
  • Flexibility and balance to transfer from ship to panga
  • Shoulder flexibility to do up ones wet-suit
  • Flexibility, stability and core strength to ride the panga and transfer to kayak
  • All the above flexibility to enjoy the kayaking
  • Awareness of breath modification at high altitudes
  • Stretchy Yoga gypsy pants to maintain intake of divine ship food, and Ecuadorian chocolate
  • Sitting quietly in the presence of the Moai


Ahh – the Yoga of Travel……………

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