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Winter – yoga to warm and nurture

Our theme for the Winter term will build on our Autumn practice. If you didn’t share the Autumn term with us, that’s OK, it is always healthy to come into each practice in beginners mind.

The intention is a journey into and out of Downward facing dog.  Building up strength in the lunges and stability within the transitions between poses.  Stability in the transitions helps to build steadiness and stamina – thus the journey between the poses is as important as the pose you have come out of and the pose you are moving to.

We will explore two of the Warrior poses, and poses that relate easily in stance and alignment.  Remember it is your body you align to, not the pose; we learnt much of this in Autumn.

To balance the strong warming poses and nurture the soul, we will add a touch of Yoga philosophy and discuss why we do what we do.

There is plenty for us to explore and learn, and in that learning we will know there is much more to learn.


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