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Autumn and the ‘ah-hah’ moments

Sometimes, the greatest change and understanding of an asana/pose will happen when you least expect it.

Instead of trying too hard, or telling yourself you can’t do it, or you are doing it wrong; take a deep breath in and a long slow breath out through the mouth and ask the body what it needs to do.  Let it move from there.  Another option is to find a new way to come into a favourite pose.

This has been very much part of our Autumn theme.  Familiar poses – Vrksasana (Tree) Trikonasana (Triangle) Utkatasana (Mighty Standing squat) but paying more attention to natural body alignment rather than text book alignment. Making allowances for ageing knees and hips and shoulders. Encouraging the head to remain in line with the spine rather than going off in its own direction.

Our term started by comparing poses when the body is in a different plane; and we certainly felt that the pose of tree while rather relaxing in supine, definitely required deeper focus and concentration when performed as the traditional standing  balance.  It was very interesting to work the hips supine, sitting, and standing and feeling the different response.

Some of you have been so open to these ideas and you have been rewarded by a new found comfort in your poses and practice.  The difference in your practice has been truely amazing.

And there are times when you just go with the flow.  My own Ah-Hah moment came when my block fall over between poses.  The discovery made, by not moving the block, was to rest the forehead on the block in cat bow.  No longer a back bend with chest and chin to the floor, the pose became one long line from crown to heel,  When I offered this option to the early Saturday Yogi’s they all agreed – Ah Hah moments, and modified poses are real treasures.

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