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To Ponder

Ponder, to ponder, pondering, ponderable.

To give thorough or deep consideration to.

To ponder or not to ponder? Is that the question?

To meditate upon……..

Harmonization Mudra is a gentle hand gesture whereby the touching of the finger and thumb pads brings together the two sides of the body and the two hemispheres of the brain.  This hasta mudra (hand gesture) also offers a calming effect on the nervous system and aids clarity of thought.

A recent sit with this gesture opened up my thought waves to ‘pondering’…….. the art of gently stretching the mind by exploring a range of options.   I wonder if pondering is becoming lost to google.

What happened to a cup of tea and a chat to nut things out; to weigh up the pro’s and cons; to consider the grey areas between the obvious; to think outside the square.

What happened to seeking the advice of an older wiser confidante? Someone who has knows the pleasures and pains of life and willing to listen.

Has the world really become so time poor, so void of taking responsibility that it is quicker and easier to expect google to hold all answers?

Are we becoming a society that is losing the art of communication,  and avoiding our own thoughts and intuitive wisdom by relying on the cyber world?

Now there’s something to ‘ponder’.

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