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Be Fussy

Be fussy. Be really fussy.

From the first pose of your Yoga practice to your last, whether it is a five minute practice or a 5 day retreat; take the time to be fussy.

Have you noticed how many of our poses/asana share a name with the animal kingdom?

Now go and watch an animal.  Cats, dogs and chooks are really good yoga teachers (not that I know an official ‘chook’ pose)

If you tell a dog to sit, it will – because you have trained it to.  If a dog wants to sit or lie of its own accord, it will – then it will probably get up and circle and arrange its bedding/props a little more; then it will rearrange a part of its body, and another part and move a bit more and wriggle and test and rearrange………..there may even be a snuffle or a sigh………. and then comes the comfort ……the stillness, the flowing breath ……aaaahhhh the bliss.

Try it.

It may make a difference to the comfort and stillness and bliss of your own Yoga practice.

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