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Changing Seasons

For the fourth winter, our focus was the ‘Warrior’ Clan of poses; and once again I have finished the term knowing there is more to learn.  We can learn about the poses, and we can learn from the poses. The poses ask questions.  Am I comfortable? Am I able to breathe? Where am I tight? What happens if I make a small adjustment? Am I enjoying myself? If we practice our Yoga honestly and open up from within (not expecting the text book body) the answers come……the poses teach us.

The Warriors are a wonderful series of poses; they give us a good stretch, they fire us up and keep us warm for winter. These poses teach us to stand firm, grounded but not rigid; to believe and trust in ourselves – to be flexible enough to move forward, sideways, upwards, and also give us permission to return from where we came. They teach us to have confidence in our options and choices.

I am anticipating a spring practice that honours rising energy; to lead us into Vinyasa Yoga and bring together everything we have worked on this year.  Vinyasa teach us to co-ordinate breath and movement.  Flowing breath enables release of energy and ease of movement.   Vinyasa help to calm the monkey mind, by shifting the focus away from the racing thoughts to concentrate on the sequence of poses. From that place we can begin to process what arises during the practice.

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