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Attempt, Effort, and Intention

Continuing on from ‘Homework’ (refer to July’s post) try these are three useful prompts when you feel you are making progress in developing your Personal Practice.


What are you prepared to attempt? This is not necessarily a physically challenging pose, but setting a guideline for your-self.  i.e. 1 practice between classes, or 2 practices a week; or allowing yourself 10 minutes per day to sit quietly.


What effort can you make towards your Yoga?  Remember this effort is for yourself, and you are worth it.  If you fight the desire to practice due to guilt, this will be stressful.  Instead, consider your practice as a gift to yourself, it will then become an effortless effort.


Set your intention by considering the following:

How you are feeling (on all levels)

What is the time of this practice? Morning and evening require different practices

What do you need from this practice?  grounding, stretching, relaxation ???

Make a start, however small; then apply – Attempt, Effort and Intention.

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