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the FAQ’s of Yoga

Yes even Yoga has Frequently Asked Questions.

Most common are:

“Where should my head be?”

“When do I breathe?”

However tempting it is to answer to the obvious – that the head ought to remain on top of the body, and for as long as you want to stay alive – keep breathing……………….

Here are a couple of helpful and important alignment suggestions.

Whatever the pose, always come back to your Tadasana alignment, head in line with the spine, nose in line with the navel, tail to crown lengthening, natural curve space at the throat.  Those que’s will give you a comfortable and true alignment for your head.

As for when to breathe – open on the in breath, close on the out breath.  Expand on the in breath, release on the out breath.  Rise on the in breath, lower on the out breath.  Energize on the in breath, letting go on the out breath.  What-ever wording works for you in your own mind, let the breath lead your movement and you will relax into your breath rhythm and be able to move to the flow of the breath.

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