Yoga for Health

Reuniting Body, Breath & Mind

the Y of Yoga?

You are the Y of Yoga. Yoga is a personal journey; although we often practice Yoga together in a class situation it remains a personal practice, a journey of self awareness, the growing awareness of You.

That self awareness may begin on a physical level, the level at which many of us enter our yoga journey.

The translation of the Sanskrit word Yoga is Union, to join.

As the journey begins at a physical level, there grows an understanding and connection to the body you live in. From there you begin to realize the mental and spiritual aspects of yourself, and appreciate the union between them.

That union expands when you begin to understand and accept the union between the self and the cosmos/universe.

It is like four separate links, join them up and they become a chain. There is strength in their unity.

Or related to gardening; soil, seed, sun and water – keep them separate and not a lot happens, put them together and you have development, change and growth.

Now, find some time, create your space and grow your awareness, the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of you; remember your breath and your emotions are your gauges and your trusted guides.

Be at ease and gentle with yourself as you develop this union.  You are the Y of Yoga.


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