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The Ethos of Mat

The Ethos of Mat

What does your Yoga mat mean to you?

Do you leave your mat permanently unrolled in a special place, so that it is always there for you whenever you need it?  Does your mat live in your car between classes – scorched by the sun (mats get tell-tale wrinkles too you know) covered in dog hair and whatever else is atmospheric. Perhaps your mat comes out daily or occasionally for practice when you ‘give’ yourself time and space.

Does your mat have character or spirit?

A Yoga mat can be a safe place, a space you can be yourself.  A Yoga mat can be a peace mat – a few minutes away from your daily blur. With the power of visualization, a yoga mat can be a magic carpet and take you wherever you want to be.

Yoga mats like to be unrolled so they too can breathe. Your Yoga mat shares your Yoga journey.


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