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Is it fomo or jomo for you?

Fabulous new words keep appearing in our vocabulary – words specifically designed to explain the cyber world.

First we had FOMO = the Fear of Missing out

now JOMO = the Joy of Missing Out

FOMO relates to those who are so hooked to technology, latest releases, apps, social media – you know the ones who are always looking down and connecting to the cyber world to which they have become addicted.  To live within the boundaries of a niggling need to know and be known; to deflect the fear of missing out.  Oh how sad to live by the ratings of others.

How my heart sang to know it is now OK to live with JOMO; in fact the shift to JOMO  is encouraged.   Now it is quite OK to leave your phone on silent, to have a day away from the screen; to cancel your connection to social media.

Well I never entered the FOMO world and have apparently been living in blissful JOMO without knowing it – who knew? I have stayed; happily so, with a conscious decision to side step the deeper cyber world.  A web-page is as public as it gets for me.

Rather normal I thought; to be grounded, a gardener, sit and read a book, cup of tea and a chat type person – now at last I am in fashion.

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