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E.Yoga – or great Yoga ‘E’ words

There is such a lot of ‘E’ in our lives today –; E.bikes; E.mail…………………

There are some really great ‘E’ words for Yoga too.

Evolve                     Exhalt              Explore            Extend             All of these words can be applied to your Yoga practice.

Exhalt has become a favourite word this term; thanks to the Exhalted Warrior – where we extend Warrior II to a lateral stretch.

‘Exalted’ offers a meaning ‘of noble, elevated or lofty nature’ and words such as grand, dignified and powerful – all marvellous ‘Warrior’ words which encourage grounding and strength.  Encourage just happens to be another ‘E’ word.

Add some ‘E’ to your practice; recommended daily 😉

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