Yoga for Health

Reuniting Body, Breath & Mind


WORKSHOPS are held frequently, they may be tutored by Janette,  or a guest tutor.

Generally a 3 hour workshop with a ‘theme’ or focus; on a Saturday afternoon in the 2pm – 5pm time slot. (either Tamatea or Taradale)


E-Yoga:     Saturday 4th May:     2pm – 5pm:     Taradale, Napier.

The Brief – Keeping up with current trends – it is timely to apply an ‘E’ to our practice of Yoga.

  • Explore the options
  • Extend the movements
  • Expand the interest
  • Enhance the practice

Using a range of ‘props’ we will ‘load’ our poses.  These props will include the usual Block and Strap; but also look at using the more unconventional – Balls*, Resistance Bands*, Weights* and Music.

This workshop is suited to those who love delving into the ‘enquiry’ side of Yoga; and who also maintain a reasonable level of practice.

Sorry, not suited to ‘beginners’ or those who prefer a ‘gentle’ practice.

Why do this? To take us deeper into poses, add new dimensions, change the focus and keep our practice interesting.

What will you need to bring? Of course your mat and blanket – definitely a block and a strap – and any of the ‘props’* that you may have available. Journal & Pen please.

Please email for details………………….


Possible topics for future Workshops:

  • Asana, Transitions and Flowing Sequences
  • Yoga in FloMotion
  • Developing a Personal Practice (for morning & evening practice)
  • Concentration & Meditation
  • Restorative poses & techniques for deep Relaxation
  • Surya Namaskar – the extended journey
  • Surya Namaskar – affirming the actions

If any of these topics interest you, please register your interest; I am happy to repeat  topics if there is enough interest.


The  workshops were . . . . . . . . . . . 

“Back Issues I” Saturday 4th August; 2pm – 5pm (this is a repeat of the May workshop)

please read the following and let me know if you are interested; payment of $45 will secure your booking.  Notes/Worksheet will be provided.

  • To feel your back as it breathes
  • To feel where your back moves freely and where it is ‘stuck’
  • To learn therapies you can do for your own back
  • To learn the best ‘neutral’ pose ever
  • To learn movement specific to ‘area’ of the back
  • To learn which props will support the back to release and into relaxation

“Back Issues II” Saturday 1st September: 2pm – 5pm (follows on from “Back Issues I”)

for those who are ready to move on, we rekindle the concepts of Back Issues I and explore the Hidden Language of Yoga; and use props to allow the more ‘restorative’ aspects of poses.


Thank you to those who attended  “Breath 2,3,4,5” 

for those who missed out, please read the following and let me know if you are interested; workshops may be repeated if required.

“Breath 2,3,4,5”                                      the Intention of the Workshop

  • Breath           the act we complete approx. 21,600 times / 24 hours.
  • 2                     the parts of the breath
  • 3                     the levels of the complete breath                             
  • 4                     the stages of the breath
  • 5                     the energies of the breath

Breath 2,3,4,5 is our starting place, and then we’ll work from the following list. Perhaps there is more to know about the breath than we can learn in 3 hours.

  • The Organs of the breath
  •  Kinds of Breathing
  •  Frustrations associated with poor breathing
  •  The natural process of breathing
  •  Benefits of better breathing


2017 Workshops included:

“Back Issues”

“Yoga Detox – 8 Kriya poses”

“Sun Salutation – the extended journey”

these workshops were all fully booked, and very well received.