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Theme for Term Two

Sometimes, bringing a term theme together works out better than could be anticipated, and the term we are finishing this week, is one such term. To take two sequences, learn the poses and transitions of each, and then link the two; well that is rather a challenge – for me and for you. But, it […]

Year 17

Although I find it somewhat hard to believe, this is my 17th year of teaching Yoga. How wonderful that some dedicated yogi’s have been with me through all these 17 years.  Thank you for your support, enthusiasm, understanding and humour.  To those who have joined me along the way; this is such an amazing practice […]

2020 Yoga in Plenty

Today is the 4th day of 2020, and the Saturday morning Yogi’s were back on their mats today.  What a great start to the yoga year. I was reminded that I hadn’t disclosed the theme for the first term.  With   encouragement from the 9am’ers, I am inspired to do so. Right there in the centre […]

Attempt, Effort, and Intention

Continuing on from ‘Homework’ (refer to July’s post) try these are three useful prompts when you feel you are making progress in developing your Personal Practice. Attempt What are you prepared to attempt? This is not necessarily a physically challenging pose, but setting a guideline for your-self.  i.e. 1 practice between classes, or 2 practices […]

Yoga as Balance

If life is tight and stressed, loosen up your Yoga practice. When your shoulders feel knotted; roll them back where they belong and do some gentle whole body stretching and breathe with those stretches. If you feel there is not enough quite time for yourself; sit for 10 minutes and observe your breath. When life’s […]

Spring Forward

Just like daylight saving………….let’s ‘spring forward’ into our practice. Grateful to the warrior poses for keeping us warm and mobile; we now leave our winter practice behind, and work with the rising energies of spring. Spring is about growth, creativity, renewal, and cleansing.  Spring energy is assertive, it is the season of new beginnings, fresh […]

HB Free Yoga Day

By sharing the traditions of Yoga, we also pass on the teachings of those who guided us on our own Yoga Journey. For those who wish to remember Alison Wright…………………… This session will include Mudra, Mantra, Myth and Memories. Sugarloaf, Taradale; 4.00pm – 5.00pm. (weather permitting) Saturday 21st September 2019 Colourful clothing, a scarf and […]

Let Yoga Blossom

Yoga is not a practice for hoarding; it isn’t a possession as such. Let your practice of Yoga go – let it blossom; let it be what you need it to be.  Don’t keep it cooped up – same same………….it will go stale if you do. If you haven’t time to add something new to […]


Giving homework is to encourage you to practice your Yoga at home; it is neither a threat nor challenge. When you feel like practicing Yoga, how do you get started, what do you do first, how do you decide which postures to practice, how do you end the practice? First Give yourself permission to practice […]

Yoga is yours

Yoga is yours I love sharing my passion and knowledge of Yoga; but…Yoga is yours – Your journey. We come together in class to learn from each other; yes, I learn from you too; but the study of Yoga and the journey is very much an individual experience. It is pleasing that some of you […]

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